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We are an internationally experienced firm of meeting production & staging specialists.

We supply production, staging, AV equipment and labor employing methods that are proprietary to The Canon House. These methodologies were formed from a wide pallet of experiences, and allow us to create more value for our clients, paving the way to a meeting environment where safety, productivity and Impact are foremost.

We provide your meeting the production experience you need. We don’t rely on that which is sitting on the shelf, we give you what you need.


Creating the best meetings for our audiences with the highest value for our clients. Bringing together experience in theater, broadcast, production, design and creativity blended with our clients’ vision and knowledge we make memorable meetings that get results.


Pre-production and planning in ways only employed by The Canon House is only the start to getting our clients the best value. Our staff utilizes our proprietary e-Forms to track all elements involved in your production. The entire team knows all aspects, pieces and parts of your meeting. We never rely on only one person, we back up our equipment and our people.


On-site we back up all essential equipment. There are two projectors on each screen, always a back-up computer, back up microphones, and all key equipment.


When we play a video, there is a backup playing 5 seconds behind on another machine ready for an instant switch-over if needed.


Then we take that one more step, we rehearse switching to back- ups before the event. This way we are able to make any necessary changes in seconds. Back up microphones, projectors, computers, with a unique set of plans and forms to keep all details in order… Experience that means value to you.


We will make sure your next meeting is the safest, most creative, most memorable, value-driven meeting you’re company has ever had.

“When the music fades, the house lights go dark, the stage lights come up and your CEO is standing center stage . . . we won’t let you down.“