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Speaking and presenting well is a tremendous business tool. Not all good speakers were born with their abilities. Good presentation and speaking habits can be learned.

Develop the skills

Learn to be bold, concise, and clear. Learn stop “over presenting”. Get directly to the point and make it memorable.
We offer assistance with Interviews, Presentations, Corporate Speeches, Product Launches, and Panel Discussions.

Every presenter can develop the skills needed to command the stage during a presentation. We will help you master this important skill set. The first question we as – “What are your first 60 seconds?”

Today’s audience gives a presenter about 60 seconds to determine if the speaker is worth the next 30 to 90 minutes of their lives. If not, they’ll start collecting emails and texting. After we help you find that first 60 seconds, we will steer you along a path that keeps the audience attentive, keeps them included in your presentation, and helps you make the best, strongest, boldest, and memorable conclusions.


Steven Platter
Our lead coach Steven Platter has spent 40 years in the media production business working on 5 continents with audiences of all cultures. He was a young concert guitarist, leaving his passion at 19 due to the increased toll of arthritis in his hands. His classical training began before the age of 6, and even then was trained to control an audience while on-stage and to become a presence. He went on to act and direct in legitimate theater.At 19 Steven earned his undergraduate degree in Mass Communications and Theater; at age 20 he earned his graduate degree in Communications Theory and Theater.

In the years since he’s been involved in all types of production from Corporate Meetings to Charity Presentations, from Broadway to Broadcast Television. In those years of studying the interactions between audiences and speakers, he furthered his studies of media psychology, and now uses that experience to help presenters and audiences work and enjoy themselves together, all over the world.