Streaming video and support media has developed in many ways:

  • Training

  • Information to audiences without travel

  • Ongoing Education

  • Keeping a theme or message front-of-mind
  • Expanding an audience for sessions at meetings
  • Paid Programming

Early in the life of online streaming the expectations were high, and end results didn’t justify the costs or meet the expectations.  We saw this early on and consulted with many clients in varied industries; associations, trainers, marketing and sales.

Each streaming use, needed its own set of capabilities to work and meet expectations.  We wrote a group of “packets”; specialized capabilities that could be placed into streaming programs.  We can put together those that are needed for each individual client or session.

Don’t expect a streaming meeting to take the place of a live gathering of 750 sales people, but take the benefits of making it a hybrid meeting and adding home office, marketing, R&D, even key customers.  Involve them, consult with the e-audience from the lectern, poll them and your live audience, show the results; examine the differences.  In Q&A sessions take live questions from mics in the audience, and give the e-audience their chance to get involved and get their questions answered.  Make it a truly HYBRID MEETING.

If your sales trainer is in front of a live audience, they can see who is paying attention, who is asking questions, give breaks, and test/poll.  The trainees can speak to one another, they can roleplay and critique.  We arrange our packets to create the atmosphere of an actual classroom – online.

Another innovation and value from