What if you could get a hardcover stage set for your next meeting at a cost only slightly above pipe and drape?

  • Standard hard sets for meetings cost 4 to 10 times the cost of pipe and drape.

  • Hard sets can’t pack up light and travel in a smaller vehicle to the event site.

  • Hard sets cost 4 to 10 times the cost of pipe and drape.

  • Hard sets add more man hours to the set and strike budget.

Those used to be the facts, but no longer!

One of our clients had a need, and to meet that need Canon House Productions had to “invent” a new set construction method due to a very limited venue in Miami Beach that had passenger size elevators passing for freight elevators and no direct stair access.  After a lot of thought, CAD drawings, designs and redesigns, experimentation, we have perfected our FastSET system.

  • At the core is our square aluminum pipe, which snaps together for easy and fast assembly, into many different shapes, heights and widths.

  • To keep set-up and strike moving quickly, we made our jack supports and corner braces assemble with large knob-type bolts and nuts.  This allows quicker assembly, and tighter, more secure connections.

  • The resulting structure has Velcro strips on the face, to which we apply our lightweight fascia pieces, each fascia piece is covered with Velcro cloth, and wrapped around the back so it adheres easily to the metal framework.  Easily attach banners with Velcro directly to the fascia pieces; add a few LED’s and begin the meeting.

Another Big Value at small cost from