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Event Production

When the lifts go up, ceiling tiles are coming out, and the conversation turns to beam placements, load ratings, and 2,000 pounds hanging over the audience heads . . . Experience Counts!

The Canon House is a company of Meeting Production Specialists. We bring a wide variety of production experience and backgrounds to bear, so you can communicate your story to the audience in the best way, with the most value possible. Whether your meeting is local or international, a one-time product introduction or a multi-city tour; the Meeting Production Specialists at The Canon House are with you every step of the way to create a memorable experience for your audience

A meeting remembered, means a message remembered . . . and action follows. Create a memory for your audience and results will follow. Carry that experience beyond the venue, beyond the dates of your meeting, and gain even more return on your investment.

  • Educate, Engage and Stimulate your audience
  • Encourage and Engage the Audience, avoid mid-meeting “Brain Drain”
  • Create a conversational, interactive atmosphere with the audience
  • Create a Stimulating Ever-Changing Environment
  • Incorporate distractions that Gen Yer’s consider a normal part of everyday life
    • Texting
    • Social Media
    • Audience Polling
  • Build in the “unexpected” for the audience, surprises keep an audience alert
  • Hybrid meetings using our online broadcasting technology; enable you to engage your live audience as well as an e-audience.